Our corporate services are designed to relieve stress in the work place. From the busy executive, to the receptionist, we're here to restore time so the work hours are not compromised allowing the work day to be more productive by balancing work and personal time.

What if your business only needs an occasional extra hand to answer the phones, run errands, pick up lunch or plan a function? Why go through the hassle and expenses of hiring and screening an individual, offering them a benefit package and having to pay employee taxes? One call to There 4 you, LLC resolves everything. We will get the job completed on an as needed basis and bill you a flat rate. No need to stress about the rest.

Our services can also allow employees to come to work relaxed and rested because their time outside of work is not packed with a large list of to do items. How many times do we ask ourselves: "How can I meet the cable company or pick up my dry cleaning before they close?" It is impossible to accomplish errands when most company's business hours are the same as yours. That's where There 4 You can help!

Forgot about that anniversary or birthday? Just don't have time
to shop for a gift. No problem! We'll shop for you. We'll even bring it back wrapped. Pick up and deliver dry cleaning. Shop for personal items. Just name the task!


Not enough time to put together those arrangements? We'll Reserve your flight, rental car, hotel and transportation accommodations.


By impersonating a customer at your business, we will be able to provide a comprehensive summary of the service your clients receive. We critique the curb appeal, client reception, sales technique, product presentation and facility surroundings. Summary results can be used as training tools and provide Invaluable information. (If a purchase is made, the cost will be added to the rates.)

Show your gratitude to hard working Employees by sending them birthday/anniversary/get well/New Parent/ congratulations/ condolence cards or flowers. In addition, we'll send appreciation gifts for the holidays, secretary's day or for those just because days.

Filing, answering phones, mass mailings, postal services, appointment setting, and running errands.

We understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be to plan corporate events. Luncheons, dinner parties, banquets, retirement parties, holiday parties and fundraisers are meant to be memorable. You give us a budget and we'll plan the event to fit your finances. There 4 You will plan and organize your event. Leave the worry behind, relax and enjoy your function

With all the work facing you, who has time to sit for hours waiting for permits? You just get the paperwork together and we'll do the rest.

Tired of eating fast food because you simply don't have the time to go out? No problem! We'll bring it to you.
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